Thanksgiving 2012 Ideas – Celebrate with Thanksgiving Flash Cards, Thanksgiving Songs, Thanksgiving Movies and Thanksgiving Flash Games

As an important festival observed around the world, Thanksgiving means family time for every man, shopping season for every customer and national ceremonial parade for every citizen. As the approaching of Thanksgiving 2012, the world is indulged in the joy of the great festival. In fact, questions about what to do on Thanksgiving 2012 and how to celebrate Thanksgiving 2012 has turned out to the topics frequently discussed by people. Most people do not only want to celebrate Thanksgiving 2012; they do want to make the day impressive and joyful.

Therefore, to help people spend an unforgettable Thanksgiving 2012, this post will cover several celebration ideas about Thanksgiving 2012. Those Thanksgiving 2012 ideas have covered various Thanksgiving 2012 elements ranging from Thanksgiving cards to Thanksgiving games. Generally speaking, those Thanksgiving 2012 ideas include sending Thanksgiving Flash cards, enjoying Thanksgiving songs, watching Thanksgiving movies and playing Thanksgiving games.

1. Send Thanksgiving Flash Cards

It has been a tradition to exchange cards with friends on festival to share happiness together. Therefore, on Thanksgiving 2012, a feasible celebrating way is to send friends well-made Thanksgiving cards. To this extent, Thanksgiving Flash card is highly recommended to be used as Thanksgiving gift than traditional post card. After all, Thanksgiving Flash card is not only smaller, funnier and cheaper but also more meaningful and desirable. Here several Thanksgiving Flash cards will be provided. For people who want to get them, they can download those Flash cards.  

1. Thanksgiving Flash Card 1

2. Thanksgiving Flash Card 2

3. Thanksgiving Flash Card 3

4. Thanksgiving Flash Card 4

5. Thanksgiving Flash Card 5

II. Enjoy Thanksgiving Songs

Function as a way to release emotion, singing can always be impressive and infectious. Therefore, good Thanksgiving music is a necessity for perfect Thanksgiving 2012 celebration. Though there are numerous Thanksgiving songs available in the market, this post has picked up three Thanksgiving songs that are most suitable for Thanksgiving 2012.

1. Amazing Grace

As one of the most recognizable songs, Amazing Grace is created to praise the God and show thankfulness to the world. “I once was lost but now am found”, just as the lyrics of this Thanksgiving song shows, being thankful can create various miracles.

2. Thanksgiving Song

As the 2008 song sung by Mary Chapin Carpenter, Thanksgiving Song expresses the singer’s gratitude towards everything including getting a shelter to live, having food to eat and owning the chance to spend time with family members.

3. What a Wonderful World

Sung by famous jazz singer Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World is a Thanksgiving song aiming to praising the world. Everything seems to be wonderful in the song, the tree, the flower and the sky all laugh with the singer.

III. Watch Thanksgiving Movies

No one will reject the invitation for watching a good movie. For movie fans, nothing can be more wonderful on Thanksgiving 2012 than watching excellent Thanksgiving movies. In fact, after watching good Thanksgiving movies, audiences’ heart are filled with gratitude and their minds are haunted with unforgettable movie scenes. Therefore, this post will cover two top-rated Thanksgiving movies.

1. Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace is a 2006 movie about William Wilberforce’s lifelong attempt to end evil British transatlantic slave trade. In this Thanksgiving movie, the idealist William Wilberforce fights alone all the time against all rich and noble just to manage what he thinks is the right thing to do. He has been laughed, beaten, threatened and betrayed, but he never finds the term “give in” in his dictionary. Life threat can’t shake his determination and sick body fails to prevent his adventures. All he does is to save those slaves who he has never met in all his life and whose suffering is the only reason the man weeps. Thanks for those idealists, for making the world better.   

2. Dead Poets Society

As one of the most profitable movies acted by Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society presents the audiences the image of a brave and sincere teacher named John Keating. In this Thanksgiving movie, Keating has been a new teacher who has freed the mind of the students in an old-fashioned school. He teaches them to seize the day, to love poets and to follow their own wills. Though being hostile treated in the campus, Mr Keating never gives up his spiritual teaching. Thanks to the world for have teachers like Keating who tells that everyone his body can be tortured while his mind can never been restricted.  

IV. Play Thanksgiving Flash Games

Nothing can be more enjoyable than playing Thanksgiving games on Thanksgiving 2012. To this extent, Thanksgiving Flash game is highly recommended. Generally speaking, Thanksgiving Flash game is not small in storage, fast in loading speed but also funny in content and attractive in effects. Therefore, three Thanksgiving Flash games will be introduced here. To download them from the Internet, one can refer to Free Flash Downloader.

1. Thanksgiving Turkey Survival Mission

This is no need to introduce the importance of turkey to Thanksgiving 2012. Different from the image of a traditional Thanksgiving food, turkey in Thanksgiving Turkey Survival Mission needs to eat the food provided to survive from the hunger. It needs to be cautious because unexpected attacks may come during its meal time.

2. Frenzy Farm

As a Thanksgiving farming game, Frenzy Farm means a lot to Thanksgiving Day which is original created to celebrate the harvest of the year. To get a good harvest, player needs to pay more attention to run the farm. Make sure enough water is supplied and animals are living comfortably.

3.Thanksgiving Day Shopping

As the prelude of a month-long shopping season, Thanksgiving will provide people various inexperience goods. Therefore, be prepared for the shopping in this Thanksgiving shopping game.

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