New Year 2013 Celebrations Need New Year Flash Cards, New Year Movies and New Year Flash Games

December is a month about celebration and fun. After Christmas 2012 has become part of the history, the world is busy preparing for New Year 2013 celebrations. Created as the day to celebrate the first day of the year, New Year is about a time to make future plan for work, set personal goal for life and learn experience from the past. Now as New Year 2013 is drawing near, people are expecting the wonderful firework on New Year Eve, the feast meal for New Year 2013 and the national parade on New Year’s Day. Of course, to most people, making New Year 2013 celebrations impressive and innovative will be the major task.

Generally speaking, even though there are no set rules about New Year traditions, most people tend to celebrate New Year 2013 with New Year parties. Of course, New Year party is not the only choice for New Year celebrations. In fact, for users who want to make New Year celebrations special and impressive, they can take full advantages of New Year elements. Therefore, this post will provide suggests on using New Year Flash cards, New Year movies and New Year games for New Year 2013 celebrations.

I. Celebrate New Year 2013 with New Year Flash Cards

As an old tradition of New Year, sending New Year cards have turned out to be a part of New Year celebrations. In fact, excellent New Year cards are not only able to reveal New Year spirits, but also send New Year joys to friends. Therefore, making excellent New Year cards is the first step to successful New Year 2013 celebrations. To this extent, New Year Flash card seems to be a good choice as New Year gift. After all, New Year Flash card is interesting in content and excellent in animated effects. Here several New Year Flash cards are provided. To download them, one can refer to Moyea Free Flash Downloader.

1. New Year Flash Card 1

2. New Year Flash Card 2

3. New Year Flash Card 3

4. New Year Flash Card 4

5. New Year Flash Card 5

II. Celebrate New Year 2013 with New Year Movies

The coming of New Year not only brings the start of a shopping season, but also the prosperity of movie market. Every year, various New Year movies will be released in January in an attempt to win market share with love or family oriented plots. As a consequence, watching New Year movies becomes another way to celebrate New Year 2013. Since not all New Year movies are qualified for Christmas celebrations, three good New Year movies will be covered below.

1. New Year’s Eve

Though it is not as magical as Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve is also a time for miracles. As a successful New Year movie, New Year’s Eve not only bring audiences three excellent New Year stories, but also the spirits of the festival. ┬áTroubled by their own lives, several couples and singles are living in agony on New Year’s Eve. However, they have never expected they can be favored by happiness few hours later. Due to the New Year spirits of love, forgiveness and hope, the lost lovers find their true lovers and the confused father finds his real treasure. With the happy ending, New Year’s Eve can strike a chord with audiences seeking for love and happiness. Besides that, the cast of superstars including Halle Berry and Robert De Niro will help one spend a nice New Year 2013.

2. Entrapment

For people who want to see thrilling movies instead of romantic one on New Year 2013, Entrapment will be a good choice. An insurance agent named Virginia steals a piece of artwork only to find the chance to cooperate with an art thief named Robert. After finishing the mission to steal highly-valued mask, Virginia is allowed to join in Robert’s New Year plan of bank stealing. However, the cooperation is a temporary one because both sides are reluctant to share the money with each other. Hi-tech devices, smart plans and amazing stealing skills make this New Year movie kind of James Bond movie alike.

3. Big

For many children, their New Year wishes are or used to be to grow up as quickly as possible. However, no one can be as lucky as Josh, a character in a New Year movie named Big. When Josh turns from a child to a man in one night, he has to face many troubles in adult world. However, with man’s figure and child’s heart, Josh has impressed his workmates and friends with his innocence and purity. However, as time goes on, Josh realizes being a kid may be the best choice for him at present. Big is not just a funny New Year movie, it shows kids the relationship between growth and responsibility.

III. Celebrate New Year 2013 with New Year Flash Games

To relaxing New Year 2013 celebrations, funny New Year Flash game is a crucial part. Generally speaking, the Flash games can be used to enhance the atmosphere of New Year 2013 with New Year oriented content and used for entertainment with simple but interesting operations.  Here, four interesting Flash games for New Year 2013 will be covered. Of course, players are allowed to download the Flash games if they want.

1. New Year Painting Game

In this New Year Flash game, players can use the brush to paint the picture given with over 18 colors. When they have finished painting, they can also print the painted cards and then send the cards to friends.

2. New Year Room Decorate

This is a New Year Flash game exclusively designed for girls. Players need to decorate the room with given embellishments so that the room is a suitable place for New Year party.

3. New Year Firework

On New Year 2013, firework will light the whole sky. Therefore, in this New Year Flash game, users need to explode the firework with mouse clicks. No time limitation is given but two seconds without firework will lead the game to an end.

4. New Year 5 Difference

In this Flash game, two identical photos of New Year scenes will be provided. There are five different places in the two photos. Players need to find them out to win the entry to the next level.

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