Moyea SWF Converter – The Power to Handle Over-size SWF Files

Once upon a time, I read an article introducing the tips and guides of how to reduce and compress flash SWF files, in order to:

1. Make your flash animation and movies load faster;
2. Use less bandwidth;
3. Save your visitor ‘ s time;
4. Reduce your site ‘ s traffic…

Well, it was impressive for me at that time because generally everybody thinks SWF files are huge! It makes sense. Until a question occurs to my mind someday: isn ‘t there any software that can handle over-size SWF files so that we don ‘t have to compress them, and the most important, without any quality loss and harm to the artwork?

The answer is definitely Yes! As for those initial huge SWF files with extra-big width and height, accordingly, the output video is huge too. In this case, we need some software that is able to generate such over-size output video and with extremely good quality.

Moyea SWF to Video Converter is therefore recommended to perfectly convert over-size SWF files to various video, audio, picture and animated picture formats.

Let ‘s take a close look how it works.

Step 1: Launch the program, select the way you like to input the SWF files.


Note: We deliberately choose a much bigger SWF file as a sample here, it is 1440×900(WxH) and has 1008 frames in total. However, there is no limit of the file size, you can input the SWFs as the biggest as it could be.

Step 2: Click “Export” tab to choose the target output format.

a. SWF to Video Generation – you can convert SWF files to many popular video and audio formats from the drop-down style menu.


b. SWF to Video with Alpha Generation – convert SWF to AVI with alpha channel for professional video editing purpose.


c. SWF to Image Generation – convert SWF to picture in a variety of formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP, animated GIF and so on.


Step 3: Click “Convert” tab to start the conversion.



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